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Studio Access Explained. 

Studio Access:

Enjoy the freedom to pursue your creative endeavors during our extensive Studio Access Hours, available every day from 7 am to 12 midnight. For a nominal fee of $40, you gain three hours of uninterrupted studio time, complete with access to a curated selection of studio tools and high-quality studio clay. These sessions operate on a self-directed and unsupervised basis, allowing you the flexibility to explore your artistic vision independently.

Assisted Studio:

Need a guiding hand? Our Assisted Studio sessions provide a helping touch during a 2-hour period. Experienced teachers will be readily available to assist you with any aspect of your studio session, ensuring that you receive the support you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

New To Melbourne Clay? How do I join the Studio access Program?

We will run you through a short free induction session.  This allows us to meet you and ensure that you can work safely and independently within our studio environment. This is essential as Melbourne Clay serves both as a production and teaching facility.  

Register for a short free induction session. 

Already a member?

Book your session directly.

Hours of Operation:

7 am to 12 midnight, seven days a week.

Session Details:

  • Cost: $40 per session.

  • Duration: Three hours of uninterrupted studio time.

  • Inclusions: Access to a curated selection of studio tools and high-quality studio clay.

Clay Glaze and Firing: 

  • A fine white high fired stoneware is included in the $40 session.

  • NO other clays are allow to be brought in to the studio

  • Firing fee is $18.80 per kg. This included both bisques and glaze firing and the use of the studio glazes. 

Important Notes:

  • We provide an abundance of high-quality studio clay for your use.

  • Please refrain from bringing in external clay, as our studio clay is dedicated to our production pieces.

  • Cross-contamination with other clays is strictly prohibited to maintain the integrity of our work.

Studio Environment:

  • The studio operates on a self-directed and unsupervised basis.

  • We encourage an atmosphere of independence and artistic freedom.

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