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Master class with Jacqueline Clayton & Paul Davis

September 6, 7th and 8th 

Day 1 & 2 - talks and deomonstrations  WATCH AND LEARN PASS  - $480

Day 3 - hands on workshop  WARCH, LEARN, TRY DAY 1-3 - $780 


Over the last 25 years, Paul Davis and Jacqueline Clayton have shared ceramic studios: in Newcastle and Mittagong, NSW and since 2023, in Rutherglen, Victoria. 


Together, they collaborate on the design and production of commissioned pieces for Australian restaurants, working with chefs on the development of tableware for fine dining and for food presentation.


Outside these shared projects, Paul and Jacqueline maintain their own independent creative practice and exhibit their individual work in Australia, the US, Asia and Europe.


The workshop at Melbourne Clay will highlight aspects of their personal studio practice and the associated processes and methods by which it is developed.


Paul will focus on wheel based forming approaches and a range of hand building techniques useful in developing new forms and expressions.

Jacqueline will demonstrate ceramic surface techniques, variously suited to raw, bisque and glazed substrates.  She will highlight the versatility of traditional surface methodologies (including slip techniques, inlay, pencil drawing and onglaze application) and simple approaches to formulating media appropriate to a variety of outcomes across a range of firing temperatures.


Paul Davis

Paul lectured in Ceramics at Monash University for 25 years and was Head of Ceramics at  Sturt Craft Centre from 2001-2010. Paul’s long term commitment to studio practice is supported by a deep interest in the development of clay and glaze, and extensive overseas experience in both America and Japan. Paul's recent work synthesises his Australian and Japanese experiences: these idiosyncratic approaches are the genesis of his large scale pieces, as well as specialist ware for the Japanese tea ceremony.


Jacqueline Clayton

Jacqueline studied ceramics at the Kyoto University of Art, Japan, and National Art School, Sydney. She founded the Ceramic Studio at University Western Sydney; was Head of Ceramics and Head of Design at UNSW, Sydney; International Co-ordinator for the First European Woodfire Conference, Germany and Programme Co-ordinator for the Australian Ceramic Triennale, Sydney. Jacquie has a particular interest in the chemistry of ceramic materials and associated studio applications. Over a number of decades, she has adapted a range of traditional surface methodologies to develop innovative approaches that are flexible, practical and well suited to contemporary ceramic studio practice.


Master Class : Jacqueline Clayton & Paul Davis

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