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PLEASE NOTE - This is a pre-print order to ensure enough books are printed as this is the final print run anticipated. 

Deliveries expected to be sent in 6 weeks. 


$49.95 includes delivery to anywhere in Australia. 


This facsimile edition of Glazes for Australian Potters has been printed in response to current demand for such a book, and the unavailability (causing high second hand price) of the original. Glazes for Australian Potters (1978) was a best-selling publication through many reprints (almost 40,000 copies sold) until the final publishers made the decision not to cater to regional markets and ceased production. It is unique in that it not only gives recipes for a full range of temperatures, but explains various differences that might be expected over different clay bodies and with varying additions of colourants, basic glaze materials etc. It also has a comprehensive section on glaze faults and how to correct them. The book is most useful used in conjunction with the Handbook for Australian Potters (also out of print- but available in many libraries) which has greater detail on how to achieve various colours, information about materials as well as sections on clay and firing etc.


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