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Professional Development & Training

Melbourne Clay is dedicated to delivering top-tier training, equipping individuals with the essential skills and knowledge for excellence. Our teachers are carefully chosen based on years of successful career experience in the field of clay. Instructors bring their valuable real-world expertise into the classroom. Through our professional training programs and supported studio programs, we strive to empower aspiring makers, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of the ceramic industry. By fostering a collaborative and inspiring environment, Melbourne Clay aims to be a hub where ideas flourish, talents thrive, and the boundaries of ceramics are continually pushed.

Term Classes

We conduct a six-week beginners throwing class every Tuesday night, tailored for individuals with no prior experience to those who have completed up to three terms. The course fee covers tool usage, clay, glazes, and firing up to 2kg. Participants are encouraged to bring a towel or apron to each session, as all other materials are provided. The primary focus is on developing fundamental skills in pottery.

Studio Access:

Enjoy the freedom to pursue your creative endeavors during our extensive Studio Access Hours, available every day from 7 am to 12 midnight. For a nominal fee of $40, you gain three hours of uninterrupted studio time, complete with access to a curated selection of studio tools and high-quality studio clay. These sessions operate on a self-directed and unsupervised basis, allowing you the flexibility to explore your artistic vision independently.

Assisted Studio:

Need a guiding hand? Our Assisted Studio sessions provide a helping touch during a 2-hour period. Experienced teachers will be readily available to assist you with any aspect of your studio session, ensuring that you receive the support you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

Skills Sessions:

Take your craft to the next level with our Skills Sessions. These supervised studio sessions are designed to focus on specific skills or projects, such as creating bowls, throwing taller or larger pieces, or mastering the art of throwing a joining component. If there's a particular skill you're eager to develop or a project you're keen on tackling, please let us know, and we'll tailor the session to meet your learning goals.


Exciting things are on the horizon with our upcoming workshops! Melbourne Clay is thrilled to announce a series of dedicated workshops aimed at honing skills and celebrating craftsmanship. These workshops will feature a dynamic blend of local artisans and invited craftspeople, each bringing a unique expertise to the table. Get ready for an immersive learning experience where you can refine your skills and connect with fellow enthusiasts, all under the guidance of skilled and passionate mentors. Stay tuned for details on our workshop schedule and join us in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

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